AM300L-M laboratory mixer


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AM300L-M laboratory mixer

AM300L-M laboratory mixer using a compact string-excited micro-motor drive for as low as laboratory or pilot plant, the mixing of high viscosity liquids stirring. The aircraft design, compact structure, the drive motor, torque-speed controller institutions and other components. Mixer with high density die-cast aluminum alloy body, running stable; increased power output of the application of the transmission mechanism, so that the output torque is multiplied. With output power, high torque, speed and other convenient features.

The main technical parameters
Rated Power : AC 220 V 50 Hz
Input Power :   510 W
Output Power :   300 W
Rated torque :   1.94 Nm
Working standard :   100%
Speed Control :   Stepless
Speed Range :   100 ~ 1500 rpm
Rpm Maximum torque chuck :   192 Ncm
Stirring rod clamping range :   0.5 ~ 10 mm
Stirring quantity (H2O) :   85000 ml
Mixer Dimensions :  360 × 260 × 760 mm
Control box dimensions :   240 × 120 × 150 mm
Permissible ambient temperature :  Not more than 40 ?
Permissible relative humidity :   Not more than 90%


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