Wiege- und Abfüllmaschine 2-100g


Für Pulver, Tee, Bohnen, Samen und sonstige Partikel

Artikelnummer: HM-W50


– Vorführgeräte – 

Name:Intelligente Verpackungsmaschine
Model: HM-W50
Betriebsspannung: 220V or 110V
Arbeitsleistung: 200W
Füllgewicht: 10-100g
Genauigkeit: +/- 1g 
Geschwindigkeit: 5-15 Stück pro Minute
Geschwindigkeiten: einstellbar (schnell, mittel, langsam)
Gehäuse: 304 Edelstahl
Innen: 304 Edelstahl
Einfache Bedienung
Abmessung: 230*380*580 mm
Gewicht: 10.0 kg

Modified version of installed capacity, can repackage fine powder, the powder does not stick to weighing up to fight.
1-50g  Powder Weighing and Filling Machine for Powder Tea Bean Seed Particle ,Dosing Machine

Product Information:
Product name: Weighing and Filling Machine
Model: HM-W50 
Working Voltage: 220V or 110V
Weighing range: 10-100g
Precision: 0.2g (Depending on the items)
speed: 5-15 times
dimension: 380*230*490mm
weight: 10kg
The main features of this machine:
  Modified version of installed capacity, can repackage fine powder, the powder does not stick to weighing up to fight. Automatic Weighing packaging, multi-functional packaging, suitable for many types of goods, stainless steel housing, the appearance of fine high-end. Full of intelligent design, simple operation, infrared sensor switch sensor block discharge, quantitative precision sensors, three level vibration cutting, adjustable, microcomputer motherboard more energy-efficient and durable, fast, error is small, high performance, filling bags loaded, about one minute 10-20 depending on the package items weighing hopper to increase internal use, the installation of a geared motor, weighing 2 -50g can be quantitative, between the number of pro grams according to their needs in the PC board set adjustment above.
Note:2-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.
Suitable Material:
1, Powder: Fine powder,flour, milk powder, wall powder, chemical powder, edible powder, coffee powder,
2, seeds, beans,rice granular, Tieguanyin, herbs,grains, wolfberry, MSG, salt suitable items , spices, beans, 3,chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, because too much can be divided into the shop loaded items only briefly  about the specific pro can consult our .


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